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Our Private Homecare Worker Services Can Ease the Burden of Finding Good Help

We help our clients in many ways once we get approval from the client or family.  We can swing into action with recruitment ads, pre-employment screening, & caregiver training. Private caregivers ranging in skills from nurse to housekeeper, nanny to part-time companion, are matched to the clients needs.

We coordinate the hiring of caregivers and use our business phone and office for screening interviews, so our clients are held in strict confidence and not bothered with calls or applicants coming to their home.
We review qualified applicants and make recommendations to our clients & their families.  Prior to Clients making their selections, we perform a thorough background screening on each selected applicant.

Personal interviews can be arranged at our business office so that the client/family can meet the applicant, ask questions and better assess their long term compatibility. Our clients appreciate the anonymity & confidentiality that we strive to maintain in all of our services.

Karlovich & Associates is not the employer but provides the service to private individuals who are seeking accredited caregivers for their loved ones/clients.